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HI EVERYONE!! I hope you are doing grrreat. I don't have a job currently and I'm trying to earn my beans a little :B I was wondering if anyone needed a graphic or layout commission, that we could help each other out!

While I know this won't help me live (I've been doing commissions for years but never got many customers and nowadays people aren't really interested in these things unfortunately), it can help me a little.

Thanks for your attention, I would appreciate it if you told your friends (and enemies. Like "I HATE YOU AND YOU CAN COMMISSION THIS GIRL IF YOU NEED A LAYOUT NOW GTFO") :D Thanks for reading through my nonsense. Don't be afraid to comment here or send me a private message if you find me, I like making new friends! ♥
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I'm sorry for not being really active lately... I've been focused on my websites, fanlistings and shrines. I revamped my network and some designs, including the main layout which you can see here:

Besides that... one of my dogs, Braco, got a tumour. It's cancer. The only thing we can do is amputate his leg, he has it on the upper portion of the leg and it's becoming a real burden to him, he can't use that leg anymore and it's the only alternative we can take.

Chances are he will develop cancer somewhere else too in the future, but we'll try to medicate him and the first step is getting rid of the leg T_T It's so sad and tough. But the tumour is really attached to the nerves and bones so, we really have no choice...

The surgery is this Friday. I'll write again after that happens. But for now, I'm not really in the mood for blogging as you can see, so please excuse me if I don't comment much and, if you need me, please leave me a message or a comment somewhere and I'll get back to you.


Aug. 22nd, 2017 01:07 pm
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I've been really drawn to tarot lately. I've been reading a lot about it and have a friend who knows how to read it because it runs in her family :3 I may buy a deck if I ever have some money to spare xD which I don't usually have but...

I feel a bit weird. I don't know if I'm a bit silly for wanting to know more about tarot? Maybe that's because society and TV represents tarot in a way that makes people run from it. I mean, people on TV reading it through phone and all make you want to laugh because they use such a paraphernalia and sound so lame.

But I want to learn more about it!
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Not obsessed in a bad way though, lol. I'm so in love with his voice, he is one of the most charismatic frontmen I've ever seen and I just love all the projects he's been into so ♥ I can't process the fact that we have new Tobias pictures WITHOUT A MASK yet. In case you don't know, he is Ghost's vocalist (Papa Emeritus, my avatar, my infernal love xD)


This man is going to be the death of me.

He always wears that jacket which I think is sweet. I've read reports of people during the american tour spotting him in record shops thanks to the jacket xD I'm so jealous, I want to see Ghost live at least ONCE in my life. I missed their concert here in Spain last time because well, I'm poor and can't afford to travel all the way to Madrid or Barcelona for a concert T_T So I hope I'll be able to see them live someday because they are my favourite band.

And I've had this song in my head all day long. It's obviously a cover of The Beatles but there's something about Ghost's covers that just draws me in and djfhskdgjh ♥ I love the instrumental of all songs, but Tobias voice just tops it all!

I wish I had more friends who are Ghost fans D: I can't fangirl enough with my boyfriend HAHAHAHA. He already suspects that I may or may not be a total fangirl of Tobias xD
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Hi! How's everyone? I hope you are doing great :D
As always I've been to my boyfriend's house and we spent the week-end replaying Silent Hill 2 (we have the HD collection, 2 and 3 in the same game, for Xbox 360).

It's Aaron who plays because I CAN'T PLAY SCARY THINGS. I'm serious about this xD I have a problem, I get paralyzed and can't do shit. The moment I see a monster I start screaming helplessly while Aaron kills the hell out of it all calmed down and stuff and I wonder, what would I do in a situation such as that in real life? HAHAHA. I bet I would just die on the spot. It's just a game but my brain lives Silent Hill as if it was feasible :D Crazy stuff I tell you.

So Aaron finished SH2 and the next moment he directly started with SH3 hahaha we love Silent Hill a lot. No matter how many times we play it, we always get goosebumps and I get so emotionally scared it's crazy. My favourite Silent Hill game, however, is SH4: The room. Don't get me wrong, I love the original story and SH2's story and I think the first 3 are magical. But there's just something about having a giant hole in your flat's bathroom that leads you to a satanic world that just draws me in xD

Anyway! That's all we have been doing really haha. That and he also cooked Buffalo Chicken Wings for me the other night and they were delicious. He is such a good cook it's crazy. No wonder I gained some KGs since I've been dating him :D (almost 5 years!!!)

I don't have a picture to decorate this post with, but I'm listening to this while writing the entry and I will just leave it here! Beware of the scary songs which I skip because they give me anxiety xD But do listen to the rest because Akira Yamaoka is the soul of Silent Hill and without him the game wouldn't have half the atmosphere it has ♥

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One of the things I like to do in life is drawing. I'm really not that good at drawing my own characters as I am at copying pictures of people or other's drawings. But I've found a way in which I can create and get better at it. DRAWING MYSELF!!

So I've become my own character haha I don't know if that sounds good. But anyway, I won't lack inspiration in that sense, it's like a diary of remarkable stuff from the day xD Even if the day sucked and I did nothing. Here's a couple of drawings I did this week:

This is my go to dress for the summer. It's funny because it looks so much to the real one xD I don't really wear anything else because a) I'm poor and don't have many clothes and b) it's comfortable as f*** :D

This is all I did yesterday xD Literally, spending hours in front of the fan because it was SO HOT. And that's all. I also drew my leg hairs because why not, I don't always shave them because it's tedious and I don't NEED to, and my parents were surprised and laughed xD I told them we need to stop thinking that way about body hair and they agreed. I mean, it's hair. In the body. It's natural. At least more natural than waxing it out every now and then!
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I love my new glasses!! They are blue and so pretty, I can't even dfjhdjgf

It's a big change from the narrow ones I had! WOW. The moment I put them on I couldn't see for my life xD But it's getting better now :3 That's because they are wider and bigger.

They make my face look different! I'm so happy right now :D
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Guys, it's happening. I'm getting new glasses next Tuesday, i'm so nervous. I'll post a picture once I have them dkjfhsjg I LOVE THEM.

My red glasses broke and I'm stuck with another pair which are so worn out and ugly, so outdated. I can't wait to have the new ones and see better lol.

Also, I don't think I told anyone here but I have a youtube channel. The downside is it's in spanish ^^'' But I thought I would let everyone know about it anyway!

This one's about how my glasses broke and how desperate I was for new ones xD

Random talk about my interests, Stephen King's IT and some of my birthday presents :D


Jul. 13th, 2017 12:32 am
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Today's my birthday, it's July 13th already here so HAPPY 27th BIRTHDAY TO ME! I never really celebrate my birthday, but I got some presents from my friends yesterday and I'll have a great time with my boyfriend this week-end. That's more than enough for me ♥

My hair is SO short now, but at least it looks even :D
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I had to close down my tumblr because it gives me anxiety. Well, I didn't delete it, just kind of left everything blank.

It's a type of blogging I don't understand. Everything's filled with lame reblogs, full of information that goes through your eyes at a speed I can't really stand. Honestly it's like it's made for people with ADHD that can't look at something for more than 2 seconds and it irritates me and as I said makes me anxious :/

Also, I liked to design for it but it's become a worse place lately and people are SO ungrateful. And it's filled the dashboard with advertisements and really it makes me scream so I better stop using it.

I prefer dreamwidth to that honestly. It gives me a feeling of peace and order that tumblr lacks.

Has something like this happened to you?
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I finally remembered how I used to screencap stuff so I'm currently screencapping Twin Peaks 2017 :D This means I'll also be making icons and post everything @ [community profile] inconformista so stay tuned!

Is anyone into Twin Peaks? If you are and want to chat about it then COUNT ME IN ♥
I also changed my layout's header to one of Audrey and Cooper because I just needed to sjfhsgfhdfkjghdf.
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I hope you are doing better than me because I'm having a hard time :/
I've been offered a job interview but I'm not going because I'm not in the mood, I feel drained after so much job hunting. And you will say that a job is a job and that I should go anyway, and I know I should. But it's an offer to take care of two little children 15+ hours a week and to teach them English, and my oral skills are a bit rusty and I'm SO insecure of myself right now that I don't want to go and I don't know. I feel stupid.

And all the other offers I get are either underpaid or just lame. Argh I'm so sad. I feel like listening to Bill Evans on repeat under a blanket for the rest of my life.

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I've created a new layout today that I posted at [community profile] inconformista for everyone to use ♥ And I decided I NEEDED to use it (not just because the header is a picture of Subvision and I love Tobias Forge :D but THAT TOO). And it feels good, feels like starting anew.

Anyone needs a layout? :D I'm offering requests at the community and no one requested anything and I must be the kindes people ever offering layouts for free but damn if any of you want one, just ask ♥

Anyway, how are you? I feel like I never talk to anyone on Dreamwidth much and I want that to change when possible :3
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Hi! How's everyone? I hope you are alright.
I've been making layouts and graphics here on Dreamwidth since last week. It feels great to be back! I'm also offering graphic and layout requests over at my layout community, [community profile] inconformista. Which, by the way, has a new and sexy design featuring the members of Ghost :D

I hope you like it and don't be shy to go there and request something :3
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I'm just testing something CSS related :3
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I miss the old days when I used to write about life and what happened to me, my thoughts, etc. I guess the golden days of blogging are now long gone.

At least if I had friends who shared this interest with me it would be easier.

What with Tumblr and all this stuff going on? People have forgotten about journaling and just care about direct info and images, it's crazy.

I guess I just needed to rant for a bit. I miss the internet from 2006 sometimes hahaha!
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Hi everyone. I don't know, this is weird. Today I found myself making graphics and layouts for livejournal again. I felt like I was 15-16 years old xD Ah~

Then I revived my graphics and layouts comm at lj and also another old community I have...

And just now, when I started writing this entry, I started thinking... why did I end up writing my LJ and DW in english?

Then I remembered I started livejournal as a mean to learn english. Also, everything fandom related I could find that wasn't crap back then, was also in english. So yeah...

Now it seems I'm stuck at blogging in english hahaha. But, at least, I can say it served it's purpose :D

I don't know who I am writing for right now. I guess just to myself. Like I used to do back in the days... only that some people happened to read me.

Oh well. Should I just open this journal for everyone to read? I guess I'll start with this entry :D

So, to anyone reading me, old or new... welcome :3
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Edit-2016: As of now, this journal is not friends only. I miss meeting new people around and interacting with them. So yeah, now you can look through my journal and feel like a real stalker if you wish 8D;;

Hi, this is [ profile] carisma_sensei from livejournal, now on Dreamwidth too! (since livejournal has become a worse place lately, i'm going to start using this more). Thanks a lot to my dear [personal profile] gin for the invite ♥
My DW communities: [community profile] inconformista, [community profile] jannasims, [community profile] 10variations
Commissions for designs and graphics: here

In case you would like to add me, please go ahead, but also let me know by commenting on this entry so I can add you back if I'm interested!

If you like Jrock, Metal, Kpop, web designing, graphic making, videogames ... then we may have something in common. I love dreamwidth so if you would like to be friends, please drop a comment :3

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Welcome to my DW! This is Janna, 26 years old, youtuber, teacher and web designer / layout / graphic maker as a hobby. I love talking about fandom, films and videogames, but I also post about my life a lot.
If you would like to be friends with me, please leave a comment on my friends only entry! Otherwise I might not add you back, sorry!