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I've been drawing more lately~

One of the things I like to do in life is drawing. I'm really not that good at drawing my own characters as I am at copying pictures of people or other's drawings. But I've found a way in which I can create and get better at it. DRAWING MYSELF!!

So I've become my own character haha I don't know if that sounds good. But anyway, I won't lack inspiration in that sense, it's like a diary of remarkable stuff from the day xD Even if the day sucked and I did nothing. Here's a couple of drawings I did this week:

This is my go to dress for the summer. It's funny because it looks so much to the real one xD I don't really wear anything else because a) I'm poor and don't have many clothes and b) it's comfortable as f*** :D

This is all I did yesterday xD Literally, spending hours in front of the fan because it was SO HOT. And that's all. I also drew my leg hairs because why not, I don't always shave them because it's tedious and I don't NEED to, and my parents were surprised and laughed xD I told them we need to stop thinking that way about body hair and they agreed. I mean, it's hair. In the body. It's natural. At least more natural than waxing it out every now and then!
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[personal profile] tinderboxofaheart 2017-08-12 10:13 pm (UTC)(link)
i love your illustrations, they are so sweet! cartoon you is adorable, and i love the leg hair! i don't shave mine either, i feel it to be a waste of time ;) hope it cools down for you soon!