carisma_sensei: (Danny Zuko 2→Grease)
carisma_sensei ([personal profile] carisma_sensei) wrote 2017-06-15 07:13 pm (UTC)

Aww you are so sweet.

I don't know, by the time I went back to have a look at Tumblr, everything seemed too crowded for me and I just got really anxious and also, to top it off, a person was a bit rude to me about a design and I just dkfsdkjhgf I imploded and left.

I used to like Tumblr and spend time there but it's become a place where everyone just reblogs and reblogs everything and nothing makes sense to me anymore. Maybe I'm just getting older for internet xD

And yeah, people go around like their opinion is the only truth, it's so tiring.

I feel better yes :3 Also because Dreamwidth feels like home. I swear if Dreamwidth ever screws up and becomes a worse place I'll be SO SAD xD It's perfect as it is ♥

Oh I liked making designs for Tumblr but I think I was out of the loop and just didn't know how to make good stuff anymore with it's coding xD;;

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