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Feb. 10th, 2019 12:08 pm
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If anyone knows of any DW community owners who may need a new layout for their comms, please tell them about me! I offer commissions at [community profile] inconformista here and I would love to help pretty up everyone's new communities!

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I know I've been away, I haven't been keeping up with Dreamwidth etc. Just when I make new friends... Oh well.

Lately, I'm not feeling confident enough to talk or comment on anyone else's entries. I don't know what's wrong with me. Life's changed drastically and I'm trying to find myself in this new routine, or lack of routine.

I'm alright, it's just I'm stuck in life at the moment after blindly going forward during the past months. So it's proving difficult to feel good about life lately. I'm happy, just lacking a job and a real routine.

Anyway! I hope you'll be alright. I may make graphics and still take commissions, so don't be afraid to ask. You can message me if you want to chat!

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  • I've finished the course I was taking and now I have lots of free time. It's been a great experience but I'm afraid of what comes next.
  • I'll start looking for a job immediately. The teacher told me he would call me up if he had work for me, which I believe. But who knows? So I'll just start looking for jobs and see where it goes.
  • I haven't done anything artsy lately. Well I have a podcast on youtube (sorry it's not in english) but besides that and small drawings, nothing.
  • Yesterday I cut my hair! I did it myself with the help of my mum. She cut the back and I did the front. It's a bit uneven, but honestly I have no money for the hairdresser and couldn't be bothered to wait more.
  • I've been keeping up as I could with the reading page today! I also want to make a new layout to share on [community profile] inconformista but I don't know what to do. Any ideas or suggestions?
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    I haven't been into DW lately because I'm almost done with classes and I'm taking the training time... thing lol. It's going great and I may be able to have some freelance work in the near future!

    I've been planning on cutting my hair. I was going to do it myself but I chickened hahaha. So I asked my boyfriend and he said YES sooo maybe this week-end it will happen?


    I have no money for a haircut and I need it so this will have to do! I also need to get rid of the worse bits of hair that were bleached time ago and the darkest parts that never took the red I put over it.

    So how have you been? I'm reading you all, if I don't comment anything in one entry it's just because I don't know anything about the fandom you are talking about or so. But I DO keep up with my reading page :3

    I've made this icon for [community profile] nexticon in a spur of the moment. I'm so happy with it! It made me think that if I never opened photoshop today and picked that Zion.T picture, this icon would have never existed. Wow. The philosophy of icon making HAHAHA.

    Ok I'll leave this here! Take care everyone!
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    To those of you who added me lately: HI!

    I've been out and about and so I haven't written much on this journal. But I promise I'm an active user lol.

    Just wanted to let you all in on that! I'm so happy I'm making new friends on DW because I love this platform. Somehow I predicted the fall of Tumblr and I'm glad people are taking interest in journaling again!

    Well, I'll be on my reading page tonight to see what I've missed and then I'll make a proper post either tonight or tomorrow.
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    I don't think I'm made to live in the city. At least not where there's not big enough green areas for me to enjoy. I like nature and I love being around it, and it just crossed my mind that I would be ten times happier if I lived somewhere around nature.

    Sure, there are parks where I live, there are trees, there's a big green area where people go to exercise and have fun. But... that's not enough to me. I would love to live surrounded by nature. Like a house near a lake and surrounded by the woods. Wow, sounds too unreachable.

    I feel very disconnected from nature and there are moments where I feel I need it. Has this happened to anyone?
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    I got a 10 out of 10 in my final assignment! We had to build an online strategy for a client and she would tell us which one she liked best. Turned out it was mine! I got the highest grade yay!

    Now there's only practice time left. That's after Fallas. Which, in case you don't know, is our holiday in Valencia. You can read more in the link to the wikipedia I left here.

    Anyway! I hope my good grades are proof that I can do this work and that I shouldn't worry. I'll leave this here to remind myself that I did great, that I'm great and that I can do it!
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    Hi, my name is Janna and I'm afraid of what I call the void. I hate not knowing what's next. Not like in daily life, but long term. After I'm studying a course (which I have been since October, so for 5 months now) I hate the feeling of uncertainty.

    What's going to happen now with my life? What am I going to do? Will I find a job? Just what's next?

    I feel comfortable doing my things. If I have a routine to stick to, I'm alright. Also because, before this routie I'm in now, I was at my worse in terms of sleep schedule and just about not doing anything at all. But when a stable period of time comes to an end, then I start freaking out. Because I know life won't have any good surprises for me. Maybe I'm done with only receiving bad news, bad luck...

    I'm digressing a bit. So now that the course is about to end (only 4 days left, then it's practice time) I'm feeling close to the void. And I can't help wondering what's going to happen with me. Some people just live it as it comes, I really can't. I need to know exactly what's going to happen or else I'll freak out.

    At least I hope to get a job or to be able to keep myself busy and with the current routine and sleep schedule I have. I wake up at 7:30 or 8 am and go to class, then come back home at 14:00 and just do whatever. If I can keep on with that, then at least I won't feel that shitty again!

    I know my teacher has great hopes and expectations put in me and that he's helping me a lot. So I hope I'll be able to work with him sometime soon! Next week starts the two weeks practice term and then it's all done! Wish me good luck!
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    SO, basically, my sis lent me her 3DS with PKMN Ultra Sun and I'm SO HOOKED. I've only played past the first hour, got to catch my first THING around and yeah. But Alola is SO BEAUTIFUL. Honestly, I have big hopes in this.

    I may end up making Pokemon icons next time around! So if you like Pokemon and you want to suggest anything, please go ahead! And maybe even Pokemon inspired layouts. Oh my I feel so creative lately. Possibly because:

    1) It's almost spring here and
    2) I'm almost done with the course I'm attending. Yay!

    What gets you in a good mood lately?

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