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Feb. 10th, 2019 12:08 pm
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If anyone knows of any DW community owners who may need a new layout for their comms, please tell them about me! I offer commissions at [community profile] inconformista here and I would love to help pretty up everyone's new communities!

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  • Make more Teletubbies gif icons for [personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler - Done!
  • Finish a layout I have in the works
  • Maybe make some Ghost related gif banners!
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    As much as I love Tobias Forge, I need a new design for my network (fanlistings and shrines collective). But I don't know who it should feature!

    The design and man in question. My kryptonite. The genius behind Ghost. The guy who sports black gloves with golden nails to the Grammys. My favourite singer.

    The obvious answer would be Roland Orzabal. From obsession to obsession. HAHAHA. But I don't know. What should I do?
    TALKING OF WHICH, have you seen the incredibly beautiful icon I'm WEARING TO-DAY?! hahaha. I wish I could use all of the amazing icons that [personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler makes for me at once. But I can't. Oh Roland ♥ That face should be declared art and a treasure. I don't know what I'm saying anymore. But it's a fact.

    I also need more time to work on my shrines and fanlistings D: I also have some cliques in the works! AH and, by the way, you should join SHEROES if you still haven't!


    Feb. 15th, 2019 10:20 pm
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    I don't want to ruin it by saying it. But I may make my wish come true and fucking go. The same month of my birthday. In my very city. It's SO meant to be you don't know. I would also like to marry Roland but that's a tiiiny bit out of my reach LOL.

    I hope this really will be my four leaf clover!
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    Probably my most favourite thing ever. At least for today HAHAHA. [personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler wanted me to make some gif icons for her and then this happened.

    I'm so in love with this ahsgsahgdha ♥ ROLAND!
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    I still had 60 dreamwidth points on my account so I exchanged them for two more months of paid time last night! I tell you, once you have paid time, you won't want to go back.

    Dreamwidth is already great as is, but having so much space for icons and being able to contribute to this great platform makes me happy. And believe me, I've never used other people's icons until I had paid time. And [personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler has been the culprit HAHAHA. Honestly, best icons around. No questions asked.

    Which reminds me, I have to thank her for being so awesome ♥ It's been a long time since I've had a good blogging friend and I'm so happy with her.

    ANYWAY! I'm better now after my anxiety attack last night. I'm sorry for my parents and sis, I scared them to death though.

    News at 11

    Feb. 12th, 2019 11:56 pm
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    I had a nervous breakdown like an hour ago. Basically, I went to teach the kid as always, they paid me. I went home and when I got home, the money just wasn't there.

    I'm under so much pressure and stress lately, I just burst out.

    Luckily, I let it all out (Tears for Fears pun totally intended) and I'm ok now. I need to learn to give zero fucks about everything so as not to have horrible anxiety, apparently.

    On a brighter side of things... My teacher offered me a job. I hope my bad luck won't extend to that too, because this can be decissive in my life. I don't know many details yet, so I can't talk about it. But I'll update you all on that once I do.

    I'll just go to bed now. Oh, by the way, this entry's title is brought to you by this amazing vaporwave album:
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    I've been SO busy lately. I haven't had any inspiration for graphics or layouts. And if I have some free time I just want to sleep. I need this course to end so I can spend some time reading, writing and creating stuff.

    I also teach two days a week in the afternoons so... yeah, not much time for anything. I end up being so tired and I feel like doing nothing.

    So that's why I've been posting less. I don't have a lot to say T_T. But I check DW everyday!
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    I will write a whole entry on this subject at a later date. For now, I'll just leave here the album I'm listening to before going to bed tonight. I love dungeon synth, it's another whole different world of music. I often listen to it while studying, playing board games or to focus on something I'm doing, like making graphics and layouts or writing!

    Sometimes I just listen to dungeon synth releases! Or videogame soundtracks. And lately, only RATKOS by Tears for Fears lol. I often obsess with music. Do you obsess with certain music from time to time too?

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    And I needed to make a post to celebrate it! Hah!
    I used one of the amazing textures by [community profile] hiraethe to give it an extra and it looks amazing. It features my dearest Roland Orzabal in one of the pictures for Break It Down Again ♥

    I don't usually go out of my way to make an icon, as I previously said, I'm more of a layout maker. Long coding sessions... hmm... hahaha. But I saw this challenge and this picture came to my mind instantly. I had to make an icon out of it!

    AAHHHH I love how Roland's hair blows in the air. He's older now but I still find him intensely sexy. That and I also think he's a very interesting person. I would love to talk to him for a while!

    Anyway, I hope to have the same inspiration again soon :3 It was nice to relieve some stress~

    Edit: I ended up making a new header to match this icon ♥!
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    Sometimes I run out of ideas or whatever I'm making decides to not work out as I planned. But today I got some inspiration and got an idea that could work! This is a sneak a peek of the work in progress.

    I used to always disable titles and subtitles. Now I like working with them as inspiration!
    I'm very busy lately, so I don't make much for Dreamwidth *sad*. I need to finish the course I'm taking. And I hope it will be worth something! I don't know if I'll get a job, but at the very least I expect to finish it and feel happy with how it goes.

    Aah~ I don't have much time to do anything lately. I wish at least I got paid for it lol.
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    I've definitely developed an interest in writing, so I created a community where I'll post my writings. I'm not sharing it yet but I will in the future. It will be friends locked though! I feel unsure about writing fiction of real people, and even though I'm being really nice and not writing harsh or too sexual stuff, it's something I'm not fond of sharing!

    So yeah, just wanted to let you know that I'm still writing the Roland story and that I have a hard time writing and trying not to squee hahaha.
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    Don't ask me why or how, I just started writing this thing up. I end up writing about the weirdest stuff! I have no clue but I would guess there are no fics around about TFF right??

    Since it's just for myself I don't feel so bad HAHAHA. I generally dislike fanfiction. Somehow because when I got into LJ, people only wrote about sex and savage sex I have to say. It was hilarious.

    What I'm writing though is more evocative or dreamy of the person. A story I imagine happening to Roland. I feel like I'm writing a story for him rather than just a fanfic!

    I look up pictures of him that would be related to what I'm writing and put them on the text and I'm liking the outcome. I'm just having fun writing, it's easier with a nice and lovely man in mind to be honest haha.
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    Yesterday I was on the bus when I felt an old man pushing me towards de door repeatedly. I told the old man to stop doing that, he was pissing me off. Then two old ladies told me "he's trying to open your backpack".

    I freaked out. I got down of the bus and told him in the middle of the street that he was a burglar and that he better didn't take anything from me, that he should give me back anything he had taken (in fact my backpack was open). He came towards me and insulted me. He told me I was a whore and that I was lying. And then, he punched me in the chin.

    Don't worry, I'm alright. He didn't even have the strength to properly hit me (thankfully). Then I started calling out for help and NO ONE helped me out. No one. No one called the police, no one came to me to see if I was alright. No one.

    This is so sad. That no one wanted to help a girl out when an old man punched her in the face after trying to steal from her backpack in the bus. This is crazy.

    I reported all of this to the police but nothing can be done. They told me that I should phone them if I see him around again so they can try to catch him...

    Please, if you ever see something like this happen, at least do the victim a favor and call the police. I was so terrified and in shock, I couldn't even move, just cry.
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    The other day I came upon a post someone made years ago here on DW. The post was about how to create tables to use for RP or whatever as comments, posts or profiles. Sounds fair right? But the user also said something along these lines:
    No one should ever ask for credit for a table because it's a basic code that's been around since the beginning of time

    Ok, I'll give you the exact link to the post. You can read it here. In all honesty, I feel annoyed by that user's view on what should be credited and what shouldn't.
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    I stole this from [personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler

    1) Pick one of my icons in my user icons
    2) I will ramble on about it, the person or character involved, why I described the icon like that and link to any songs related.
    3) Please post this too so we can talk about your icons!
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    That's right. To my fucking city. And I won't be able to attend because it's SO EXPENSIVE.

    You know how I've been more intensely listening to them and so, I think I kind of attracted this in a way lol. It's so sad my last opportunity to see them live is over before it even starts T_T
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    I made this gif today because I wanted it as a header for my profile hahaha! I wanted something besides my layout that would speak out about me in just one image. I think this does!

    I remember when you had to create gifs yourself frame by frame. Now there are sites who automatically do so for you! Isn't this the future yet?

    Oh I was reading some DW documentation the other day and I saw they are working on implementing profile layouts. Since 2011, so I don't know when or if that will be a thing in the future. But it would be awesome! That way we could get rid of the horrid tables and actually have something cool and useful :3

    I know I ramble a lot about random things xD
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    Since I wake up early during the week to go to the course I'm attending, when the week-end arrives and I come to Aaron's house it's so relaxing. I don't have much to tell, except we are playing lots of videogames and watching movies hahaha.

    Now Aaron is on his way to beat a Castlevania fan game called The Lecarde Chronicles 2 (he's already beaten the first). I love watching him playing Castlevania! We also started Shovel Knight yesterday and it's SO MUCH FUN. You should deffinitely try it out, the sense of humour in it is hilarious hahaha ♥
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    Here's a small Instagram dump! I'd love to start by presenting you my lovely newly adopted, 8 months old dog: Foc!

    more under the cut! )


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